Home Automation

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Remote controlled heating, lighting music, AV systems and security


Our aim is to give you total control over your heating, lighting, music, AV systems and security using touch panels and remote controls that that will put everything you need to control your environment at your fingertips.

We will install everything to enable you to control your home entertainment systems, while at the same time keeping things simple and easy to use and understand.

Our highly trained technicians will install all you need, from a high tech HD home cinema with astounding surround sound, to lighting, heating and security, plus all the other systems that will make your home fully automatic.

We will make it possible for you to create and control your perfect home environment.


Remote controlled lighting


Any room or space in your home can be transformed by the clever use of responsive lighting. By using just one remote control it will be possible for you to change the light and shade throughout your house, or in just one single room.

Dawson Electrical will design a perfect lighting solution for you by closely working with you during the design stage.

You may be looking for colour changing or mood lighting or LED strips.

You select your theme and we will design a perfect lighting solution for you.


Audio/Visual Automation


Advances in technology have now made it possible for you to be able to control all of your systems in your home using just one control system.

This can be done by using just an IPhone or IPad if you choose.

All the control you require will be at your fingertips where ever you are.


Remote Security Control


A CCTV camera or a Gate Entry System is an important factor in giving people peace of mind, and a feeling of security in their homes.

To be able to access these systems on a mobile device or a TV set, and be able to view who is trying to gain access to their property, adds that extra layer of security to people’s minds.


Climate Control


It is now possible to control your air conditioning or heating systems by using just an IPhone or IPad.

This has made it possible for you to control your systems even while you are away from your home. Now controlling your heating and air conditioning has been made uncomplicated and easy to use.


Remote Access


All the systems in your home, your lighting, heating, CCTV camera, can be controlled while you are away from home, by Remote Access.